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Walt Disney Internship – Product Design In White Plains

Website The Walt Disney Company

About the job


We are looking for an excellent human to lead our design team building the applications behind Disney+, Hulu, and Star+. The mission of this design team is to make our company smarter, faster and better able to serve our customers. We believe that powerful and well-designed tools do more than make our work easier; they change how we think about what’s possible. The conversation shifts from, “How can we do this?” to “What else can we do?”

This role will ideally be based in the NYC area but can also be near any of our offices in LA, SF, TX or Seattle.


Responsibilities :


  • Create an atmosphere of trust, empathy and a growth mindset to foster psychological safety, connection and collaboration.
  • The mentorship, coaching and professional development of the team, including managers and practitioners at all levels.
  • Represent the team, and its design strategies, to stakeholders across the org, including experience engaging with executives up to the CEO.
  • Drive the business value of design by measuring and reporting design-specific outcomes for the full program.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional peers in Product and Engineering to steer the larger enterprise tools program roadmap.
  • Lead and manage team members in different locations & time-zones.
  • Recruit and develop the talent needed to achieve the program goals.
  • Strategic planning responsibilities that have broad impact inside and outside of their own team
  • You are a mature & polished presenter able to integrate storytelling into your communication.
  • You have a deep analytical mindset to leverage for short term and long term goals.
  • You have a fearless, execution oriented mindset – with the humility, drive, and scrappiness to get it done, but the eye and heart to make sure it’s something users love.
  • You’ve debated different designs, and learned the times you’ve been both right and wrong when put in front of actual users.
  • You have developed executive presence, inspiring confidence from your team and peers.
  • You love and care for the craft of designing and building great UI and UX
  • You can’t wait for the opportunity to shape design philosophy, tools, operations and discipline on a high impact design team.
  • You are a passionate designer yourself.
  • You would be a great fit on the team we already have and bring a strong portfolio and enterprise product experience.
  • You aren’t afraid to make decisions quickly, and adapt your plan to new information.
  • You inspire the team to consistently level up their work.
  • As a leader in the company, you care about building the processes to drive design through the full product and engineering teams to deliver best-in-class user experiences

Basic Qualifications :


  • 10+ years of design experience building SAAS products for consumers or enterprise.
  • 5+ years of experience managing and developing diverse design teams.

Required Education :



  • Bachelor degree in a related field


To apply for this job please visit