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Disney Summer Internships – Lead Software Engineer In West Windsor Township

Website The Walt Disney Company

About the job


Our Software R&D department (Tools) is responsible for developing Pixar’s open source and in-house software. We work very closely with both artists and engineers to build innovative filmmaking tools that enable our film production and continuously extend artistic reach. We are looking for a lead engineer for the Internals team in the Core group. As the team lead, you will guide the development of Presto’s proprietary evaluation engine and in-memory scene representation. Presto is our in-house content creation application. You will work closely with the group’s director and manager, and collaborate with production and other tools teams to define the roadmap, as well as balance short-term needs with long-term strategic direction. As the lead, you also play a critical role in mentoring individual contributors on the team, supporting and enabling their career development. Engineering leads also uphold the department’s engineering practices while ensuring the timely delivery of projects and fixes.




  • Contribute to world-class 3D graphics applications and frameworks that enable Pixar’s film production
  • Take ownership of challenging problems that arise from evolving the architecture of software that is heavily exercised in an active production environment
  • Work closely with other tools and production teams to identify needs, discover dependencies and prioritize tasks and available resources
  • Balance short-term needs with strategic direction while keeping focus on long-term goals and continually ensuring that production users are not blocked
  • Provide team members with regular feedback, support them in developing a plan for growth, and deliver annual performance reviews



  • Maintain a solid understanding of parallel programming, multithreading, as well as scene graph and data flow representations and algorithms
  • Start with a strong understanding of C++ that you continually expand upon
  • Express curiosity in deepening your understanding of modern CPU hardware and compiler architecture
  • Take pride and passion in planning software architecture that minimizes complexity, scales well, and remains malleable to an ever evolving film-making pipeline
  • Hold yourself and others to a high bar when it comes to engineering methodologies, like writing maintainable code, providing good documentation and embracing automated testing
  • Have the ability to listen well and communicate clearly
  • Find fulfillment in mentoring and inspiring individuals, as well as supporting their career growth
  • Thrive in a collaborative and diverse environment where you exchange knowledge with accomplished technicians and draw inspiration from world-class artists


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