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Budget Analyst In Hyattsville – Fbi Student Internships – FBI

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Job Description:


Position: Budget Analyst, GS-9/11

Division:  Criminal Investigative Division


Unit:  Budget Unit

Location:  Washington, DC

Working Hours:  9:00AM – 5:30PM (flexible)


Job Responsibilities:

  • Analyzes and compares selected object class and line item obligations and expenditures during the budget approval process.
  • Determines whether funds are being utilized on a timely basis in accordance with the annual work plan and in support of the organization’s mission and objectives.
  • Writes brief reports detailing how funds were obligated and expended.
  • Performs routine and recurring functions regarding the formulation, justification and presentation phases of the division’s budgetary requirements.
  • Develops budgetary and statistical reports by utilizing electronic spreadsheets and software to monitor, input, extract and track trends, obligations and expenditures.
  • Researches, reviews, verifies, vets and compiles appropriate budgetary information submitted by program managers or their designees.
  • Monitors, revises and realigns current expenditure data to ensure the availability of resources throughout the fiscal year.
  • Recommends the transfer and reallocation of funding based on expenditure rates, and requests additional information, when necessary.
  • Manages the office’s inventory through the Asset Management System (AMS). 
  • Collaborates with supply staff to ensure the effective and efficient management of all records pertaining to computer, electronic, office, and related equipment.

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Your application will be evaluated and rated under the FBI’s Candidate Rating Procedures.
  • Your resume and supporting documentation will be used to determine whether you meet the job qualifications listed in this announcement and will be compared to your responses to the online assessment questionnaire.
  • High self-assessment in the vacancy questions that is not supported by information in your resume, and/or supporting documents may eliminate you from Most Competitive status.
  • If you are deemed Most Competitive, you will be referred to the selecting official for further consideration.

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